Professor of Rock - What the HELL Happened to Music? This 80s Top 10 Will Take Make You Wonder? | Professor of Rock

Coming up, we’re going to go count down the Top 10 songs of this very same week from the year 1983. It’s the lates edition of our program the hit song redux … And after we count them down, we are going to recalibrate them… revise them based on their all time performance since then. We’re going to show you what the real Top 10 is. Plus, we’re giving you exclusive artist commentary on the songs and including your memories and dedications… So who is the real #1? Is it David Bowie? Daryl Hall & John Oates, Pat Benatar, John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson, a one hit wonder or a maybe an ex-Beatle. Let’s find out next as we compare it to today’s mainstream music.. and it isn’t pretty...

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